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Attorney Investigations


At LEO Investigations, our team are experts in criminal investigations as they have thirty-seven years of combined law enforcement experience.  During our examination of your case, our team will dissect all reports, statements, and evidence to find any potential investigative holes, malfeasance, errors, omission, or inconsistencies.  Once our team develops an investigative strategy, our investigators will assist the legal counsel to find and interview new witnesses, verify alibis, secure any new documents or evidence that was missed or overlooked, and research any disputable facts.  Our expert investigators already work with other industry experts, and will to ensure our clients are afforded the best information for their desired legal outcome.   

Whether it's a messy traffic accident, a complex homicide, a malpractice suit, or a personal injury claim, everyone accused of a crime or involved in a civil tort deserves to have professionals looking out for their best interests.  At LEO Investigations, we will work tirelessly to uncover any potentially evidence you need to help your criminal or civil case.  Contact us and request a case evaluation.

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Client Tailored Services 

Commercial Investigations


At LEO Investigations we absolutely understand the importance of having nothing less than professionalism and integrity in your business.  Far too often businesses financially suffer from embezzlement and other employee theft, as well as from lawsuits stemming from employee misconduct and harassment claims.  Our expert investigators have the solutions to prevent, detect, and stop these serious problems by conducting thorough background investigations, comprehensive product and financial audits, in-depth employee interviews, setting up hidden cameras, GPS tracking, digital forensics, and other unique covert services to pin-point financial loss.   


Let us solve your current problems and prevent future problems, so that you can get back to focusing on running a more efficient and profitable business.  Contact us for a commercial investigation evaluation.

[ Hidden Camera Surveillance / Landlord & Tenant / Employment Activity / Background Checks ]


Corporate Investigations


With expert investigation techniques, cutting edge resource software, top of the line surveillance equipment, combined with old fashion sleuthing skills to uncover information that is often missed by most private investigations agencies, you can rest confidently that our investigators will provide you with a professional case file with the information you need for success.  Whether it's due diligence intelligence, embezzlement and internal theft, personal injury, workers compensation, or insurance fraud cases, we will investigate and surveil your targets to get you the proof you need to get the upper hand.  Reduce your exposure to risk and liability, and contact us to resolve your issues. 

[ Insurance Fraud Investigation / Due Dilligence / Mobile & Digital Forensics ]


Political Investigations


At LEO Investigations we have the unique experience and a certain skill set which is critical in any political realm.  Whether its political intelligence gathering, campaign infiltration, candidate surveillance, analyzing campaign financial disclosures, donor and PAC research, or finding those past skeletons in a comprehensive background investigation, LEO Investigations will develop a discreet opposition research strategy custom to the client’s needs.  

[ Opposition Research / Candidate Surveillance / Intelligence Gathering / Infiltration ]


Domestic Investigations


At LEO Investigations we know that no one can hurt you more than the disloyalty of a loved one, and there’s nothing more frightening that a missing loved one or a child that is addicted to drugs.  Whether the heartache comes from the betrayal of an extramarital affair, physical abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, child custody issues, a messy divorce, children on drugs, or a missing loved one, we have the professional expertise to properly investigate and gather the evidence our clients need to finally answer their suspicions and fears.  With the hard evidence in hand, our clients can finally address their anxieties, and begin regaining control of their lives.   Contact us for a domestic investigation consultation.

[ General Surveillance / Infidelity / Drug Abuse Investigations / Missing Persons ]


Background Investigations


At LEO Investigation we absolutely understand the importance of having accurate background information when making important decisions.  Our expert investigators not only conduct thorough background research, but are more accurate than other private investigators with our cutting edge technological techniques in obtaining public records and assets, our diligence in canvassing areas of current and past occupancies and employers, and most notably our unique set of skills in interviewing associates, neighbors, and co-workers.  If it’s ensuring that your next potential employee is as honest as Abe, or that you’re looking to uncover the skeletons of an opponent, our expert investigators as LEO Investigations have the distinctive expertise to get the information you need to make informed decisions.    

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