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The trust of the innocent, is the con-man's greatest tool.    No longer be the victim, become the victor.

The professional investigators of LEO Investigations solve cases.  Period.

With over thirty-five years of combined law enforcement investigative experience

ranging from homicides to missing persons, insurance fraud to burglary,

forensic investigations to skip tracing, comprehensive background checks to strategic surveillance, there isn’t any case to large or complex for LEO Investigations.

Domestic Investigations

Criminal & Civil  Investigations

Fraud & Insurance


Computer & Cellphone Forensics

Surveillance &

Missing Persons

Commercial & Corporate Investigations



Simply put, LEO Investigations saved our family business from ruin.  They secretly identified who was embezzling from our family business, and we were able to save our reputation without embarrassment.  

I suspected my son was involved in drugs. My husband hired LEO Investigations and they identified that one of his friends was selling him heroin.  Our son is now in rehab, alive!


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